Sam's top priority is to allow the editor to work with as little interruption as possible. Depending on your needs, Sam will go beyond his duties of organizing the paperwork from the staff and crew to allow for optimum success.  This can be anywhere from creating title sequences to acting as translator in any of the three languages Sam is fluent in (English, German, and Italian).

Editing & Post Production

With a strong background in IT, Sam is able to safely wrangle the data of the film while maintaining a workflow coordinated with post and sound.

Currently, he is equipped with card readers that can register:


  • microSDHC/microSDXC

  • MS/DUO

  • CFAST 2.0

  • CF

Creating a Movie

Sam specializes in colouring documentary and corporate videos, enhancing the beautiful work of the filmmakers.  With careful detail placed in selecting the mattes to encompass the tone of the film, Sam will provide an aesthetically pleasing colouring to the project to your liking.  Additionally, Sam offers his services to colourists who are seeking assistants to organize and establish a workflow. 

Editing with Headphones

Though currently based on a Mac platform, Sam is familiar and comfortable working on a PC as well. Currently, Sam is operating on the following programs:

  •      Adobe After Effects

  •      Adobe Premiere Pro

  •      Avid Media Composer

  •      DaVinci Resolve