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100% Free. Just make a copy onto your own drive to use it.

Calendar contains popular events and holidays throughout the year 2024.

Looking for a 2024 Content Calendar Template?

Video Editing

Sam specializes in documentary, corporate videos, and editing for social media. He would love to gain more experience editing short and feature length fiction films or TV episodes. 

Currently, Sam is operating on the following programs:

  •      Adobe After Effects

  •      Adobe Premiere Pro

  •      Avid Media Composer

  •      DaVinci Resolve

..:: Sam's Strengths ::..

Social Media Marketing

Comprehensive knowledge of all major social media platforms, their users and communities, and how to leverage ad managers options to advertise effectively on the following apps:

- Facebook

- Instagram

- YouTube

- Twitter 

- TikTok

- LinkedIn

- Snapchat


- Community Management

- Marketing Strategy & Budgeting

- Influencer Marketing

- Organic Content Planning

My professional social media profiles are @ The Social Sammy

Content Creation

Produce and edit videos for youtube, tiktok, instagram, facebook and twitter.

Adjust existing videos to social media format and size

Game Capture and Edit

Sam can work on Windows PC and Mac systems.

Worker with Ladder



A quick overview of my latest course, certification, and degree credentials:

Badge from Hootsuite for completing their Social Media Marketing Course

from Hootsuite, October 2023

Logo of Brainstation

from Brainstation, June 2023​

Logo of Later

from Later, August 2023

Logo of DaVinci Resolve

from Blackmagic, 2022​

Badge from Hootsuite for completing their Platform course

from Hootsuite, August 2023

Logo of Sheridan College

at Sheridan College, 2015-2020

Directing, Writing, Producing and Editing

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