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Looking for a 2024 Content Calendar?

Try Sam's 2024 Content Calendar Template  for Google Sheets

Please feel free to make a copy onto your own drive to use it.

This calendar contains popular events and holidays throughout the year 2024 and is intended for individuals and  small teams that require some content coordination but not enough to need a designated platform.



Children's Book Organic Social Media Campaign

"The Little Donkey and God's Big Plan"



For the launch of the book I created daily countdown videos using background illustrations from the book itself. 

The videos were delivered in 1080x1350 format and used on the author's Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X/Twitter accounts.

Additionally, I created a content calendar in Google Sheets to schedule content for the author, who posts on her socials herself.

Content Calendar Excerpt: Google Sheets  |  Microsoft Excel

Picture Carousel



Greeting Cards

Client Testimonial

"Working with Sam for my first book launch was instrumental in making it a success! His knack for creating eye-catching graphics, engaging captions, and a powerful launch video really boosted my marketing efforts. Within a week of the launch, my book soared to #1 on three separate Amazon charts. Sam not only met my expectations, but exceeded them with his innovative ideas and creative approach. His blend of marketing savvy and artistic talent is indispensable for any content creator or business seeking top-notch promotional materials. I will be hiring Sam again for my upcoming books."

~Izabela Ciesinska, author of “The Little Donkey and God’s Big Plan” (Ascension Press, 2024)

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