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Sam William Muehlemann

Multimedia Enthusiast




Work Area:

Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Niagara, Barrie

Fun Facts:

- Born and raised in Switzerland
- Cat Dad of three
- Drives a manual
- Went to fashion school in Milan, Italy
- Coffee Lover

Sam is also passionate about screenwriting, an insight to his writing work can be gained at Screenwriter Sam

A Bit About Me

Hi there! I am Sam, a dynamic force in the realms of video editing, social media marketing, and content creation. As a proud Sheridan College Alumni, my journey has been an exciting blend of artistic expression and strategic communication.

My passion for storytelling led me to pursue an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television at Sheridan College. Over the years, I've donned various hats - from directing and producing short films to editing corporate videos at Sheridan Production House. Every project has been a canvas for innovation, where I've seamlessly blended technical prowess with creative vision.

My curiosity extends beyond traditional filmmaking. I've immersed myself in the ever-evolving world of social media marketing, obtaining certifications from Hootsuite and Brainstation. This digital odyssey has equipped me with the skills to navigate platforms, analyze metrics, and craft compelling campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences.

Having worked internationally, from Switzerland to Italy and South Africa, I've embraced diverse cultures and perspectives.

Harnessing my Honours Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television from Sheridan College, I've honed my skills in directing, writing, producing, and editing. With proficiency in Adobe After Effects and Premiere, I bring your visions to life with dynamic multimedia content. From planning and executing short films to crafting engaging social media clips, my expertise spans the spectrum.

Certified by Hootsuite and Brainstation, my journey extends beyond the reel. I possess a comprehensive understanding of social media dynamics and best practices, including Meta Ads Manager, Google Ads, TikTok for Business, and Twitter Ads. Let's navigate the digital landscape together, optimizing campaigns, curating content, and analyzing metrics for unparalleled results.

I am not just a video editor; I am a storyteller in the digital realm. With a fervor for platforms like TikTok and YouTube, I've cultivated a knack for creating viral content. My enthusiasm for staying ahead of trends ensures that your brand remains at the forefront of digital conversations.



Latest Achievements

A quick overview of my latest course, certification, and degree credentials:

Completion Badge Social Media Marketing Certification from Hootsuite

from Hootsuite, October 2023

Logo Brainstation

from Brainstation, June 2023​

Logo Later

from Later, August 2023

Logo Davinci Resolve

from Blackmagic, 2022​

Completion Badge Platform Certification from Hootsuite

from Hootsuite, August 2023

Logo Sheridan College

at Sheridan College, 2015-2020

Directing, Writing, Producing and Editing

Past Work Experiences

2017 - 2020

May - June 2017

2014 - 2015

2005 - 2009

Digital Media Intern & Production Assistant

at Sheridan Production House, Oakville

  • Edited videos for corporate and social media purposes

  • Sourced music and sound effects, acquired licenses

  • Created text and motion graphic assets in After Effects

  • Organized data and media on company shared server

  • Collaborated efficiently with other picture and sound editors

  • Assessed edits with clients and implemented their feedback

Documentary Filmmaking Intern

at Africa Media, South Africa

  • Captured, ingested, and organized over 9h of wildlife footage

  • Created a 5 minute documentary about hunting practices

  • Synced external audio, sourced royalty-free music and SFX

Webstore Manager and Translator

at Transatlantic Fitness Italia, Italy

  • Entered new products and managed existing inventory

  • Assisted with the configuration of the back-end modules

  • Created newsletters and promotional materials

  • Provided store wide translation in German, English and Italian

Software Development Apprentice

at theBEEcompany, Switzerland

  • Planned and programmed applications on Windows

  • Troubleshoot self-developed and third-party software

  • Provided technical support via phone, e-mail, and in person

Let's Get Social

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